Welcome to my website, Hi I'm Dhon, and I'm a Web Application Development Engineer for more than 10 years. I'm not just developing website, I developed business systems that can be accessed online and anywhere in the world. in this website you will see my works and on what i do in my proffessional career.

I can also help you out in your technologial endevour if you need anything just give me a buzz and I will do what I can to help you out.

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  • Web Application Development LAMP
  • Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap
  • Server Administration
  • Database Design & Administration
  • Web Design & Templating
  • PHP Framework Application
  • Systems Anaylsis & Design
  • Systems Maintenance & Customization

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#020 14th Street
Youngstown Village
Cainta Rizal, Philippine, 1900
Tel: +63 928 426 4116
Email: resume@dhongens.com
Blog: www.dhongens.com/blog/
Website: www.dhongens.com